Doing Right, 'Cause it's Right.

It Starts with Unstandard Practices

Any grower can deliver a product, but how many challenge an industry? We started with just a couple things: a small batch of seed potatoes and a steadfast dedication to progress. Progress in harvesting methods, packaging efficiencies, and distribution techniques. Progress in the way we reduce our carbon footprint, future-proof our facilities, nourish and protect our soil.

We threw, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” out the window and set out to change all the tired practices that have defined our industry for far too long. Because the pursuit of a better potato isn’t just about what’s on your plate – it’s about what’s on the horizon. And we can all do better, think bigger, and realize real change, from farm to fork to future.

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The ProHealth guarantee™

ProHealth® is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, best tasting and cleanest produce—all backed by the ProHealth Guaranteed™ program. Our innovative process of farming techniques, including our meticulous Pure Wash System™, brings you a ProHealth Guaranteed product that has been thoroughly examined for the best overall quality and guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.