The Pursuit of Potato Perfection

Our Field Of Dreams

For years, we’ve taken chances—some might call them risks—to innovate our industry for one goal: give consumers a better potato.

In practice, we seek out a better approach for every aspect of production and follow through on it with conscious efforts. It’s how we’re able to implement smarter cleaning, sorting and storage practices that truly exceed the standards our industry has created for providing quality potatoes. This constant exploration of being better on all aspects is how we strive for our goals of balancing environmental sustainability while delivering the highest quality, Non-GMO produce possible. But to us, it’s our playground to pioneer.

How We Better Our Best

Our practices are constantly evolving. Here’s how we’re currently shaping our ideals, approaches and executions.


Keep your eyes peeled for our special Texan line, grown exclusively in the Texan panhandle.

We take great pride in our Texas-grown Lone Star potatoes. These low-calorie taters taste terrific any way you make em’, plus their skin is packed with nutrients. That means we do everything in our power to protect it, like triple-washing our potatoes with our patented Pure Wash System™. Just give these spuds a rinse & you can get cookin’.

Coming Soon

The ProHealth guarantee™

ProHealth® is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, best tasting and cleanest produce—all backed by the ProHealth Guaranteed™ program. Our innovative process of farming techniques, including our meticulous Pure Wash System™, brings you a ProHealth Guaranteed product that has been thoroughly examined for the best overall quality and guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.