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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to disclose the ways Pro-Health (Pro-Health.com) collects information, how this information is used, how it can be changed by the user and how it is stored.

This website, Pro-Health.com is owned and operated by Pro-Health, located at PO Box 446, Wray, CO 80758. Your privacy is a concern of ours and we want your experience at Pro-Health.com to be informative and safe.

We gather information on our users from this web site, and the information that is collected is used only by Pro-Health. We will never sell or share this information to an outside company or vendor.
Information gathered:

Pro-Health gathers information through online surveys intended to collect demographic and psychographic information about customers who are interested in our information and products. This information is collected to better serve you, our customer and to conduct our business activities and provide services to our customers.

The information Pro-Health gathers is optional and voluntary. Information acquired is used to receive our online newsletter of monthly recipes and informational email messages. At any time users may contact Pro-Health to opt-out of these services. This information allows Pro-Health to provide information based on the preferences of our customers. Under no circumstances will Pro-Health share or sell your information to outside sources. Information is stored in a database used solely for the purposes as described above.