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Pro-Health Potato Field P1 Wray

Welcome to Field P1 in Wray, Colorado

Lat: 40.2261533
Long: -102.2597008

Welcome to Wray, Colorado! Lying in the middle of the prairie land in northeast Colorado, Wray is a small, agriculture-based community just 160 miles east of Denver.

Because the Republican River flows right through town, Wray has become a recreational and agricultural hot spot – home to numerous lakes, parks and ponds. With a rich, 140-year history of producing potatoes, Colorado and the farms in Wray have become essential parts of Pro-Health’s ability to provide customers with the highest quality russet potatoes.

    Did You Know?

    • There are more than 36,000 farms in Colorado’s 31 million acres.
    • Colorado farmers annually export more than $1 billion in product worldwide.
    • Farmers have been producing potatoes in Colorado for over 140 years.
    • Some Colorado farmers grow more than 80 different kinds of potatoes.
    • Colorado ranks fifth nationally in potato production.