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Pro-Health Potato Field 291

Welcome to Field 291 in Dalhart, Texas

Lat: 35.98071
Long: -102.88130

This is the birthplace of your delicious Pro-Health Smart Potato Russets! Because we value our relationship with our community so much, as a Texas-based company, we take great pride in our Smart Potato Russets, grown on part of the original and legendary XIT Ranch, here in Dalhart.

With a nutrient-packed skin that’s thoroughly cleaned with our patented Pure Wash System, your Pro-Health Russets live up to their billing as Smart Potatoes. Whether stuffed, baked, or mashed, your Smart Potato Russets are the ultimate ingredient for any healthy potato recipe.

    Did You Know?

    • At 4,000 ft., Dalhart is the same elevation as Idaho's potato growing region.
    • Potatoes may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
    • Potatoes are 100% fat free.